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Buzz Class Association

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Class Membership


The Buzz Class Association is run on a voluntary basis by a group of hard working individuals detailed here. As a close working team, they aim to sustain the strength and popularity of the Buzz Class. Whilst they will make decisions on the development of the Buzz for the benefit of the Class, they are always open to feedback and opinions of the Buzz sailors themselves on whatever topics arise. 

For example, if you experience any problems with the manufacture or supply of Buzz parts, the committee will appoach the manufacturer/supplier with the problem on your behalf.

The committee will also organise the annual events calendar including the Nationals, Inlands and EuroCup events, as well as training weekends and attendance at the annual dinghy show at Alexandra Palace in London. All of these require funding which is sourced from the membership fees, which are only £20 (£25 if paying by cheque after 1st March).
All members are entitiled to have their say on the direction of the Buzz Class and what they would like to see modified or continued. The membership fee also entitles the member to race at Buzz events. These events are held at different venues throughout the year. Here is a link to the events page which lists the current and past events, plus a Buzz Champions list.

Being a member of the Buzz Class Association (BCA) entitles the member to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

We look forward to welcoming you as a member!


Membership Benefits

- Help and Support with setting up and sailing your Buzz via a Class Contact or Resource

- Compete in Buzz Class Championships and Open Meetings, plus training events

- 10% discount on Parts from Vantage Sailing (

- Buzz Insurance discount from Noble Marine (


Joining the association


To join the Buzz Class Association you will need to fill out an application form and return this to the Membership Secretary. Then you will either need to fill in the standing order form and return this to your bank or send a cheque made payable to 'The Buzz Class Association' to the membership Secretary.


Buzz Class Association Membership Form 2024.pdf
Buzz Class Association Membership Form 2024
Buzz Class Association Standing Order Form 2024.pdf
Buzz Class Association Standing Order Form 2024