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Specifications and Details


When launched in 1994 the Buzz was fitted with Sobstad Sails. The Mark 1 Buzz had Sobstad 'Blues' followed by the Mark 2 that had 'Blacks'. Spinnakers were generally Blue though a batch of Reds was manufactured during a shortage of blue sail cloth.


Training Sails were also available cut to the Sobstad pattern and fabricated in terylene with a reefable main. Ideal for those learning to sail in the Buzz. The training main sail can be reefed to the first batten reducing the main sail area by approximately 30%.


Since 2007 a slightly revised sail pattern has been manufactured by Hyde Sails with a slightly larger main and spinnaker.


Training sails were still available cut to the older Sobstad pattern and fabricated in terylene with a reefable main.


In 2013 Vantage Sailing, working with Hyde Sails designed Dacron versions of the main and jib using the same cut as the mylar sails, but the jib is without batterns. The main sail has reefing points allowing a reduction in main sail area when required. A smaller spinnaker option is also available with a sail area of 13m2 instead of the 17.44m2 standard spinnaker.


Current Specification


PN Number:




Hull Weight:





Jib Sail Area:

Main Sail Area:

Spinnaker Sail Area:


Current Builder:




1006 (RYA PY List March 2024)






2 (100kg to 150kg ideal combined weight)







Vantage Sailing/ White Formula

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