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Buzz Class Association

Life's a Buzz

Buzz Tips and Tuning

This section of the website is to help new and current buzz sailors get their boats setup correctly and to help them get the most of their buzz.

Tuning - Richard Parslow

Tuning Your Buzz by Richard Parslow

Boat Setup - Andy Holmes

Buzz Tuning by Andy Holmes

Presail Agenda - Dan Walker

Dan Walkers Pre-Sail Agenda

Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered above then you can try the following options;

- The New Buzz Forum

- The Buzz Class Association Facebook Page

- Your Local Class Contact

- Vantage Sailing

VantageSailing are the licensed supplier of Buzz spares, they are also able to supply new boats. VantageSailing is run by Stuart and Zoe, who have been sailing the Buzz for many years.

Noble Marine have worked with the Buzz Class for many years now. They offer great cover and should you be unfortunate enough to have to claim they make the whole process easy for you.


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