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Buzz Class Association

Life's a Buzz

History & Design


The Buzz is a one design, double handed, single trapeze, asymetric sailing dinghy suitable for young sailors and lighter weight adults (ideal range - 100kg to 150kg). With over 600 boats being sailed in more than a dozen countries around the world, the Buzz has proved its success with a very wide range of today's young (and some not so young!) sailors looking for great value for money fun and exhilaration. For the more serious there is excellent racing both in our own organised one design events as well as being competitive in mixed fleets either sailing around the cans or windward leeward race courses.


The Buzz has proved easy and safe to sail for newcomers to the sport. With its easy righting after a capsize, due to the sealed bouyant mast, low center of bouyancy, making the board easy to reach from the water and its open transom permitting easy re-boarding and instant draining, the Buzz has proved to be exceptionally safe in strong winds in the hands of the very youngest crew. It is the ideal first asymmetric dinghy or for lighter and mixed family crews who want a fast, fun modern style asymmetric boat.


Despite being safe and easy to sail it has proved tactically demanding for the more experienced crews and offers remarkably close racing across a wide range of crew weights and ages. in a past UK National Championships the first seven races were won by different crews of varying weights (112kg to 151kg), sizes and sex, demonstrating the equality of speed of different combinations.


The original UK manufacturers, Topper International Ltd, transferred the Buzz license to Wet & Windy in Bristol in 2007, this has since been issued to Vantage Sailing in 2013. Coming from a company with such a track record the Buzz has a distinct pedigree. It is robust, ensuring a long competitive life and easily constructed to strict tolerances.


The Buzz is readily available second-hand in the UK & Europe, purchasing advise can be found on this website, or by contacting a 'Buzz contact', or from Vantage Sailing.


The Buzz offers sailors user friendly, safe and well proven fun and exhilerating sailing or racing - whichever you prefer.


The Buzz Class Association is exceptionally friendly and supports an annual programme of social training, coaching and racing events that include open meetings, Inland, National and European Championships.


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