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Buzz Class Association

Life's a Buzz

Why Sail a Buzz?


1. Proven Track Record


Within five years of its 1994 launch  there were well over 500 boats being raced in more than a dozen countries around the world. Today we know of almost 250 active boats in the UK & Europe.


2. Safety


Easy to right after a capsize, partly because the Buzz has a sealed bouyant mast and also a low centre of buoyancy, which makes the board easy to mount from the water. It can be 'dry capsized' by the helm and is easy to be-board on righting with the crew rolling in or entering through the open transom.


3. Inexpensive


With the Buzz being available since 1994 there is a healthy second hand market offering competitively priced entry level Buzzes as well as there still being a demend for new enhanced boats. A new Buzz is available at a very competitive price and there is also a 'hull only' option.


4. Wide Age/ Weight Range


The Buzz is roomy, with a beam close to 2 metres and can be handled and raced competitively by crews from the age of 14 or less against adults on equal terms. In a past UK National Championships the first seven races were won by different crew combinations and also the by the oldest and newest Buzz.


5. Performance


The Buzz has a very wide wind range capability. It will ghost along in 'nothing', sail well in light winds yet be easily controllable and an outstandingly exciting performer in a blow without being threatening. The Buzz is very stable, i.e. you can hove too and eat your sandwiches without the boat falling over. An important feature after all that fun!!


6. Class Administration


The Rules and International Constitution have been modified to fall into line with the prevailing ISAF format for one-design classes. The Buzz Class have recently resigned from ISAF making it possible for the Class to make minor rule changes. This has allowed us to evolve and enhance the class to ensure we can use the latest (mainly ropes and blocks) which in the long term can reduce costs and make the boat more enjoyable and easy to sail.



We are always looking for new venues - why not invite us to your club to demonstrate the Buzz, or hold an event. Alternatively if you would like to test sail a Buzz then just contact the Buzz Class via our website -


Here is a link to the Buzz Boat Test


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